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XML Preparation and Evaluation the Effects of Microemulsion Containing Honey and Sesame Oil on Candidate Sepsis in Mouse
Mr. Amir Biriaee, Ms. Faranak Dehghani, Dr. Nafiseh Farhadian , Dr. Shiva Golmohammadzadeh, Dr. Mahmoud Ebrahimi, Dr. Mohammad Karimi, Mr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Effects of six - week high intensity interval training( HIIT) on PGC 1α methylation in astrocnemius muscle of obese rats
Shabnam Maleki, Parvaneh Nazarali, Ameneh Razavi, Fahimeh Kazemi
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML To explore the effect of loratadine on YKL-40 production in Mite extract stimulated A549 and THP-1 cells
Ms Zeinab Baqernezhadan, Mr Hasan Darbandi Tamijani, Dr Mostafa hajimolahoseini
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Investigating the role of JAK2 and STAT3 genes in lung cancer
maryam emami
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Epidemiological Study and Mortality of Burned Patients Hospitalized in Imam Musa Kazim Hospital, Isfahan, Iran During the years 2014 -2017
Mohammad javad Mohammadzade, Mostafa Amini Rarani, Mahmoud Keyvanara
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Thoracic aortic distensibility and its relationship to aortic atherosclerotic plaques: A multicenter study using ECG-gated 64-slice and dual-source (256-slice) computed tomography
Mohammadali karimi , Abbas Arjmande shabestari, Tarane Faghih langroodi, Hamidreza Pouraliakbar, Mahmood Tahrae
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Comparative Study the rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and Acute Respiratory System Symptoms among Firefighters and Journalist on the scene of incident of the catastrophic fire old Plasco trad center building: Iran –Tehran 2017
Khosrow Agin , Ali Mohammadbaygi, Bbak Mostafazade
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Analyzing the Survival of Breast Cancer Patients Using Weibull and Poisson Beta-Weibull Non-Mixture Cure Models
Fahimeh Ghasemi, Aliakbar Rasekhi , Shahpar Haghighat
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XML The prevalence of HER-2 in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma who gastrectomized in Taleghani Hospital in Tehran from 1395 to 1397:
mohsen sadry , fereshte kamani, reza asemi, mehrdad moghimi
Abstract  -  چکیده -   Full Text (PDF)
XML Evaluation of P53 and MICAL-2 Gene Expression and Mutations in Gastric Cancer Patients in Kerman
nahid askari , Saeide salari, Mehdi Mahmoodi, masoud torkzadeh mahani, Mohammadreza Hajizadeh, Nadieh Baniasadi, dr Reza Malekpour, Alireza Khoshdel
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